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ROCKY ANTLERS is an Edmonton based branding company, developed to provide its clients high-quality services with a twist.

Our core purpose is to give our clients not only an affordable option to create a brand to interact with its consumers, but also empower them to be self-reliant for future needs. ROCKY ANTLERS was founded to fulfill a need of bringing people together and empowering them to use the convenience of technology available to us today.

We at ROCKY ANTLERS are eager and excited to meet you and charge towards success!


It all starts with Branding

Your brand is your business. The visual system that expresses your personality, values, and competitiveness. We work with you to develop a strong brand and make you stand out

A strong Web Experience

Take a competitive edge with customized web design adaptable to modern day technology. Websites optimized to Desktop and Mobile

Connect with Target market

Interact directly with your target market emotionally via a customized video. Videos have changed the marketing landscape. Why not try and see for yourself?

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We Consult, Execute, and Train

An essential part of achieving success is having a solid working process.

We love to collaborate closely with our clients, to precisely understand their needs and allow them to be in control of shaping their outcomes. We follow a three step process.

Once the consultation and execution is in place, we train our clients to enable them make basic updates to the delivered product. We believe in empowerment and know that it makes sense to spread the knowledge and give our clients complete control.


Managing Director
Zain is an MBA from the University of Alberta. While majoring in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and working for a startup, he saw a few issues in the market that are preventing companies to succeed; the lack of information and the lack of use of smart marketing tools. Zain founded Rocky Antlers to give its clients an affordable option to create a brand and interact with its consumers, while empowering them to be self-reliant for future needs.
Chief Marketing Mascot
Antler, born and raised near Jasper, Alberta lived a tough life for four and a half years. He finally decided to move to Edmonton in 2016 looking for better opportunities. While on a run in the River Valley he crossed paths with Zain, who at the time was looking for a Chief Marketing Mascot for his new venture. After a brief coffee meeting they decided that Antler would be an ideal representative of the brand. Together, they have been charging to success ever since.


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